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  • konjac

    Princess protector of smooth texture.

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  • okome


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  • udon

    Student princess and protector of udon

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  • claudia

    Creator and protector of Japanese culinary world.

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  • tofu

    Ballerina in good health. Protector of Tofu.

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  • tsukemono

    Princess who is getting more and more beautiful while growing up.

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Listed as UNESCO intengible Cultural Heritage in 2013, Japanese cuisine always fascinates the entire world through its creativity and nutritional value.
But the traditional food manufacturers are in a situation of tough competition in Japan. Acquiring more and more supporters, today Japanese manga is so appreciate in the world that many dedicated events take place throughout the world. Through collaboration between Japanese cuisine and manga, we have decided to create this food manufacturers group to promote Japanese cuisine under the name of [Japanese Food Power Brand].



To join us as member.



Any corporation, Japanese food manufacturer which finds an interest in the international promotion of Japanese cuisine and agrees with the organization's objectives and activities.
Admission is submitted by current members.

Benefits to members
  • 1.Participation in all meeting for [Japanese Food Power Brand] members.
  • 2.Participation in foreign events with the Association (expenses proportionally divided)
  • 3.Benefit from international relations established by the Association.
  • 4.ParticipationParticipation in events in Japan with the Association (expenses proportionally divided)
  • 5.Product development with other members
  • 6.Collaboration with manga * fee
  • 7.Participation in all activities of the Association
    (parties, seminar and tasting by members, study trips abroad, etc.)
Entrance fee
50 000 yen (tax not included)
Annual subsciption
Japanese Food Power Brand Promotion Committee Office in Enchantement co.,ltd E-Mail